Switzerland and the USA are the most corrupt countries in the world

   The British non-governmental organization Tax Justice Network compiles the Financial Secrecy Index, the rating of countries that are tax havens, to which everyone who laundered funds aspires.

   The higher rank in the ranking of a particular country, the more corrupt its government. The last time the index was published in 2015, Switzerland was recognized as the most corrupt country in the world, Hong Kong was second. Now in second place are the United States, while Switzerland remains in the first place. Hong Kong fell to fourth place, the Cayman Islands occupy the third line of the rating.

Almighty Vladimir Putin

"Almighty Vladimir Putin" shocked journalists "Forbes"
Forbes journalists are shocked by the new scenario on the world hydrocarbon market. "Tell me, will the almighty of Vladimir Putin ever come to an end?", Writes the author of the publication Kenneth Raposa. Such a reaction was caused by the rating of S & P Platt, in which Gazprom topped the list of the world's leading integrated oil and gas companies.

   The agency "S & P" estimated the world's leading oil, gas, oil refining and electricity companies. Russia became the only country represented in the top ten at once by two oil and gas companies. In addition to Gazprom, experts also highly valued Lukoil.

Dow Jones Index

Index Dow Jones: respite after the collapse
   With the beginning of trading in the US on Tuesday, the curve of the Dow Jones index showed serious fluctuations, moving from the red zone to the green and back. However, such a rapid decline, as in the past days, is no longer observed.
After the strongest fall on Wall Street, it seems, there was a rebound back.

On the Russian oligarchs fell the US stock exchange

Loss on $ 4.5 billion: The Russian oligarchs fell US stock exchange
In 2018, the world is waiting for a new wave of financial crisis
   On February 5 and 6, Russian billionaires lost more than $ 4.5 billion due to the collapse of the US exchanges, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index (BBI).

   The BBI rating includes 500 richest people in the world and is updated daily. In this list there are now 27 Russians. According to Bloomberg, their total losses on Tuesday were $ 2.5 billion, on Monday - about $ 2.1 billion.


Time to buy dollars.

   The Russian ruble continues to go up to the dollar - at the auction on Thursday, it broke through the 56-dollar mark and continues to hold it. This rate was fixed for the first time since May 2017. According to experts, this is due to the fact that the ruble continues to receive strong support from foreign markets in the form of a rise in oil prices above $ 71 per barrel and the morning decline of the dollar index below 89 points. In both cases, the highs were fixed from December 2014.

   Indeed, the cost of a barrel brand Brent the day before exceeded 71 dollars for the first time since December 2014. The immediate reason was the official data on the reduction in oil reserves in the US last week. This was a surprise for market participants, who were expecting growth.